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The sun sets on another day...

Sunset was once again a very beautiful clump of clouds. Still the clump of clouds it was worth seeing as it was highlighted by pure sunlight. It wasn't a spectacular sunset but it works if you looked at it a certain way.

I often laugh add people you are so excited for spring did they miss the beauty of winter. It's true that winter is cold, dreary, and often can be a little oppressive. It's also true that the winter it's full of spectacular sights and the landscape usually looks clear and bright when blanketed by the pure white snow. I find I am of two minds when I am in this time of winter. I'm enjoying the moment all that I can and at the same time I'm ready for new growth as spring appears.

It won't take long, and spring will have sprung. It won't take long, and we will all be lost in the early showers and magnificent greenery that will once again cover the countryside. It won't take long, and there will be constant sunsets on a warm beach waiting for us all. Still I won't spring into spring and wish away the views today, instead I will be patient and enjoy every day that I can.

So as the sun sets on another day, enjoy the days you have and make them the best that you can, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love life, and enjoy it all…

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The sun set on another day…

Today was a hallmark holiday. sunset was lost in the clouds behind a million million snowflakes. As I watched the sky it only made sense that the snow would keep falling.

there are lots of times in our lives that we feel uplifted by others. Those people who put themselves to the side to lift us high above. I would hope that we would be the ones lifting but as you know sometimes we need to be lifted higher. It's not easy nor is it something that is particularly hard, it is just something that needs to be done.

A long time ago (not in a Galaxy far far away) I was having a very difficult time with life. We all have these times occasionally and I make a conscious decision every day to not have them. Still back then I was struggling with a great many conflicting emotions and more questions than answers. Back then I knew a great many people and kept pushing all the time to be more, learn more, love more, and just enjoy the days.

The details aren't necessarily important but on a long ago day someone surprised me and took me from a low to a high in a matter of minutes. I was always used to being the one to make everything right for everyone and this one time someone turned the tables on me and I felt really good about life. They actually paid attention to what I said.

Who cares about the history lesson, right? Well, I do but not for the reason you think. What happened to me should happen more often. People should listen and people should hear and when they see that someone needs them, especially when it is a close friend, they should be willing to set a higher standard. It's just the way I think it should be. I have friends that go above and beyond and they stand out to me always. This one time long ago was just different. Can't we all make that difference?

so as the sun sets on another day, sometimes doing what is expected is the best thing you can do. Sometimes listening and going a bit farther is even more. In a world where everyone seems to sometimes look in the mirror be the one that looks somewhere else. Be the one that makes someone happy for no particular reason except to be different. We all deserve no less, and we all should do more, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love deeply, and be happy…

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The sun sets on another day…

Umm, I know there was a sunset up there somewhere, but I was laughing hard at how heavy the snow was and how my driveway was starting to look like the death star channels.

When I was a kid one of the best Christmases I ever had was when my mother brought home a box of broken toys. I know this probably seems weird to many people because a lot of the people I have met in life had really fantastic Christmases with lots of gifts and tons of things to do. My family was different. We had little in life and at Christmas it was never a huge Christmas and instead was fairly small. The broken toys offered possibilities.

the first two things I noticed were a skeleton marionette and a little Red Riding Hood Wolf marionette. Both were tangled and in bad shape. Obviously, they had been floor models or testers of some type and played with until they would work no longer. There were a variety of other toys in the box, but I took those two out fascinated by the idea of a marionette. I looked at how the mechanism worked and how everything was tied and put in place. Then I laid them out and one at a time I untied the strings and worked out the knots. It was very time consuming and at the time I was only 10 years old. Still, I had patience and continued for almost 3 days off and on. 1 by 1 the strings we're straightened, and I retied them to their places on the control and the detachable bar.

The skeleton was unique as its head could be removed and controlled as though it were bouncing around on its own. It also had arm and leg controls allowing the different pieces to interact independently. This ability allowed it to be very flexible and as I've repaired it, I played over and over with the skeleton dropping its head and finally finding a way to put it back on. The Red Riding Hood had a reversible control that allowed it to flip over and be the Wolf as well. I was fascinated with this idea but far more interested in the skeleton.

As I thought about this today it was because I had a few other puppets on a book reading and enjoyed the articulation of the hand puppets. I suddenly missed my marionettes though that had been gone since I was 15. Lost in one of the dozen moves we had completed in my early life. the reason was simple. I was able to make a significant number of people laugh with the antics of my poor skeleton friend. There are few things more gratifying than helping people find laughter.

I get a kick out of all of these memories, but I enjoyed being in reality today and having some fun remind me of those good times. Do you remember something similar? Some fun memory that takes you back and lets you believe in excitement again? Was there something that makes you feel satisfied with what you've been through? If there is hold on to it and enjoy the ride.

So, as the sun sets on another day, give a few people some laughter. Give one person some laughter. Make yourself laugh. Find that path to happiness, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love life, and giggle too…

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The sun sets on another day…

I am consistently amazed at how beautiful the world can be. It's easy to guess that I might be off staring at a sunset, slowly going blind with the excessive beauty, but it is just as possible that I'm looking at an animal or landscape or sometimes just a pile of snow. it appears I have a lot of that now.

People don't often see the mystical moments around them. sure lots of people scratch and crawl and try to find a moment that may or may not be there. In my opinion it always is if we just look for it. I know I sound like a broken record but whining about the past keeps us from seeing the mystical moments right now. Pining about the future does as well. Right there in front of you maybe the greatest thing you could ever be a part of and if you set it aside waiting for a better time it may be gone before you know it.

I have found in my life that indecision and patience have cost me many times. Indecision keeps a person from making a decision and not making a decision is a decision within itself. Patience is a virtue. Depending upon which chapter you are looking at there are seven holy virtues in the Bible and patience is not one of them, well not really. instead patience is often an excuse to buy time or to set something up that is safer. In my opinion there is nothing positive about missing out on the best moments of our lives.

Instead I'm going to suggest that we use fortitude to push forward and believe in ourselves daily and in the process unlock the mystical moments that are there for us. There are many and it is only in our positives and are positive outlook on life that we can unlock them. Let's do it together and find the best life that we can every day.

So as the sun sets on another day what are you waiting for? Set aside fear and the delusions that you have built to keep yourself safe and start living your life. After all we only get one so we better enjoy it the best we can, no matter what.

Sleep sweet,  love life, and let's live it…