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The sun sets on another day...

The sunset was striking and amazing today. Somewhere between crisp and just plain over the top. As I watched the sun set from a distance I was astounded by how many people might be watching it with me from anywhere, from everywhere.

I thought a lot today about people and the past. Those people you wonder about from time to time that are not as big a part of your life or who have left your life for a different path. There was an animated movie a long time ago that stated simply "it helps to think we might be wishing on the same bright star." That makes sense if you feel it, but I like the even more direct thought that if you remember someone, you are together with them. Nifty huh? If you remember someone you are together.

It can be a hard lesson. Together is something we want, we crave, we want more of always, but if we consider remembering people with the positives and not the negatives, maybe, just maybe, we are together with them for a little while. Together is a good place to be.

So as the sun sets on another day, it is not fair having people go in and out of our life. Maybe we can go a little further and understand that remembering the positives about someone keeps them alive. Perhaps if our children, and our children's children remember us, well, maybe it is more than just being together, perhaps it is even a small slice of immortality. A good though, a good thing to think about. As I consider some people I have not seen in too long, I hope that in some special way, we are together if on for a moment.

Sleep sweet, love life, and wish upon a star...

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The sun sets on another day...

The fog was rolling in as the sun was setting, sure there was no sunset, but there was beauty everywhere, hidden by a little fog. As I drove through the fog parted and there was a flurry of eddies behind me, and in front of me, new fog to part, then closing in upon itself, a deep fog renewed.

Sometimes we forget that everything heals pretty well over time. Maybe not perfect, but in the process of healing, you are renewed. This goes for just about everything, physical and mental. As we face challenges that cause issue, we take our time and renew. It is a simple formula that gives us the ability to survive, to cope, to make a difference in the world.

If you day is bad, or something happens, the eddies will swirl and close behind you, and you will face the world renewed and ready for more. It is just natural.

I won't belabor this post even though I want to a little.

So as the sun sets on another day, consider the fog of life before you, as you uncover your day, remember that any issues will heal and positive moments lie ahead, all you have to do is pay attention and keep pushing through until you find them. Smile when you do, and enjoy your journey, no matter what...

Sleep sweet, the fog is getting thicker, and well maybe larger too...

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The sun sets on another day...

The sunset was brilliant and amazing, and I was sitting at work watching it go down. Still, I got to enjoy the moment, and smile for a second as the light played across the sky

I was a little amazed when I realized I had never written with this title before. It is one of my favorite lines from all movies, this one being from Blade Runner. It is not often that you can come up with something as iconic, but it is a true statement, if we do not touch people, when we are gone all the things we have done are like tears in the rain.

I will pause here for a moment as you shift uncomfortably in your seat wondering where I am going and how I can possibly be positive with this post. 

See, the idea is easy. From a realistic perspective we are not in this world alone. In fact, last time I checked there are a lot of people with us. Somewhere in it all we need to realize that we have to communicate better, we have to interact, and we have to be more than just someone working for a few baubles. Somewhere we have to make a difference.

Nope, not easy, but worth it. Spend time talking to your kids when they are young, work you way up, and be there when they need you when you get older. I know it seems like it is not a big deal, it is. Our friends, our children, they are the future, and we can share with them, grow with them, help them grow, and help them see all that we have seen. 

Not exactly what you thought eh? Today is the day you can make a difference. Be more to the people around you, not a little but a lot. Make the world yours, make it a better place, and find your way to being more, maybe like rocks in the rain. (Just kidding)

So, as the sun sets on another day, take a minute and smile. Take a minute to laugh, take a minute and tell someone how you feel, but take a minute. It will be worth it, and it will make the world a better place, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love often, and maybe a little more...

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The sun sets on another day...

I was reading a book that I had set aside for some time and I got tickled by a series of "carpes" and thought about all the things we should really seize.

Carpe Diem is a pretty popular phrase meaning seize the day. Few people have not heard of it and it really outlines something we all should do. Not wait for the day to walk up on us, but instead seize that day, make it ours, make it something that we not only experience but own.

Tonight I am suggesting a few other things:

  • carpe beatitudo - Seize happiness, because we all deserve it and when it is there waiting for us, we need to grab it
  • carpe temporis - seize the moment, because time is fleeting and waiting for a day just doesn't seem right
  • carpe caritate - seize love, because love isn't just about waiting it is about doing
  • carpe prandium - seize dinner, because sometimes you just have to eat
  • carpe pace - seize peace, because sometimes it isn't going to come to you unless you grab onto it
  • carpe scientiam - seize knowledge, because sometimes knowing is better than opinion

and of course my all time favorite, carpe carpum, seize the fish, (well, carpe piscis) because it just isn't that easy to grab a fish.

My point in this rambling silliness is that sometimes we can't wait for life to give us, well, anything. Sometimes we have to reach out and grab what is presented and make it our world.

So as the sun sets on another day, seize your day. Make it your day, but along the way remember there is more to life than just today. Find your passion and make your passion a guideline to your happiness, and just keep making the world a better place, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love life, and carpe luna