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The sun sets on another day...

Sunset was beautiful but not as beautiful as the day. Well it probably was and probably was more striking but the day was just as beautiful simply because the sun shone brightly through the snow filled trees and the sheer white landscape and sparkled like diamonds all over. The sheer magnitude of the reflections made you squint from the power of the light.

Of course I saw it coming. Sunlight on snow is always blinding. There are so many things that are similar and all we have to do is see them coming. I get a kick out of people who constantly know the answers but constantly ignore them. If we will only take a minute and realize our truth might be the truth but the real truth is what we have to look for we can see that some things are self evident. Now there are those of you who will think this whole line is very confusing. Some of you will laugh and go wow almost immediately. And then the rest of you will have random acts of memory that will make you consider that I might not be talking about light and instead be talking about enlightenment .

Smart people all of you .

So as the sun sets on another day, I think we need to take a few minutes and pay attention to the light before us and decide the right way to handle it. You know you know and I know you know so you should know you know? find your path and make it the best one possible, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love life, and close your eyes when you need to…

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The sun sets on another day...

Sunset broke the clouds at the last minute and was more than spectacular. I am always impressed with the last-minute sunsets that defy the odds and come out anyway.

So many people focus so much on tomorrow that today seems lost and tomorrow never seems to make it. I know this is a semi generalization but if you take the time and pay attention, you'll realize that a lot of people do this. Now I would never suggest that we don't plan for a future or don't pay attention to our potential days. I would, however, suggest that some things should be focused on today and as we progress, we should take the time to understand how important today is to us.

 You may be asking why I'm even bothering writing this.

It's actually pretty simple and I say often we should continuously focus on those things that are in front of us. Sure there are lots of things in front of us that will lead to a healthy tomorrow but pining about the future when we can do something about the present is not a good use of time. That's the distinction. If you sit and think about what tomorrow is going to bring and don't do anything about it you will be sitting there tomorrow looking at the next day. If you live your life as fully as you can today and perhaps also do things that will help you get to a better tomorrow then tomorrow will be better.

Sure, that's awfully simplistic. It's usually true though that when we focus on achieving our goals through living our life today we will find our goals more attainable. When we think about our goals and let them become a limitation our goals will be more elusive.

Of course this is something just to think about. Every life is different and every situation different. I merely suggest that losing yourself in pining about tomorrow will not be a positive thing.

So as the sun sets on another day, why don't we live our life today. As the sun is setting why don't we push a little harder and make a few more things happen. Along the way perhaps we'll find the world is an amazing place because we are working to make it that way.

Sleep sweet, love life, and push the envelope…


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The sun sets on another day...

Sunset was simply waiting for the snow to again fall it could have happened any moment and I waited patiently for it to do so. Still somewhere to the side there were colors and lights and in spite of the clouds. It was a good night.

It's hard to explain how fiery a sunset actually is. Many people see the sunset and see a simple color light show. In reality there's a lot more going on as flames lick the horizon and colors are created from imperfections in the atmosphere. If we say no two snowflakes can ever be alike the idea that two sunsets could be even similar is an order of magnitude more ridiculous. So many subtle possibilities, so much to consider, so much to know .

With people it is equally as complex. I know I have talked about it to the point of nauseating some of you and stated simply that no two people are alike. If we consider the amount of time we have to think and the number of things that we think about and then the number of seconds in a day and all of our past experiences the chances of any of us thinking exactly the same thing are so remote that we may be throwing a dart at an F16 going Mach two and have a better chance of hitting it.

You probably are wondering why I'm bringing this up again. Well it's mostly because I can but I just want to say to everyone that before you try to lay your morals, standards, and ideals upon another person you should strongly consider the fact that you probably don't have a clue where they’re coming from. I know that's tough to consider for many people as a lot of people think they know what's best. I can say with utmost certainty that I don't know what's best for you. I can make a good guess from what you say to me or make it giant leap from where I think you're coming from but only you truly know what is best for you.

For those people thinking that they know better perhaps I do know better for you and just let me know and I'll happily discuss it with you.

For those people thinking that someone else knows better, take a deep breath and trust yourself first.

So as the sunsets on another day the flames licked the horizon’s again but what I got to see were clouds waiting to rain snow upon me. Once more the day ended on a positive note as it always does if you want it to and once more I find myself thinking about today. Make today and right now the best that you can , no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love life, and to thine own self be true...

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The sunsets on another day...  

Sunset was very good, but the moonrise was amazing.

I know everybody thinks I'm obsessed with sunsets, but I'm actually obsessed with beauty. Well, I don't know if I'm obsessed but I think a lot about that. I'm not sure how beautiful the world is to everyone else but there is so much that I think is amazing and I try to take pictures of it all the time.

I have to say that lately I haven't been as good as I usually am. I find myself not taking as many pictures and not having the excessive passion for photography that I have always had. I'm working on changing that back because I still have that passion, I had just said a lot of things aside and I need to stop that. Many people will say that I don't have enough time and my response is easy: none of us do. it's hard to get that across to some people that time is important.

As I look at the stars, I know that the light I am seeing isn't in real time. Depending upon where the star is that light could be a significant number of years old and only just now getting to us. Still, I am confident that the light makes our days a little better and we can find our way to a little more. A sit now and appreciate the stars, and I will appreciate them every time I see them. That's what you do for a thing of beauty, you appreciate it. Actually, you should appreciate a lot more than that because that light that is shining could be gone tomorrow and then you'll have to find another star to look at.

So as the sun sets on another day I hope that you are having a good day and appreciate the stars in your life. Remember if something is a star to you it's never a waste of time and if you think it is, you're lying to yourself. Watch the stars and all the other important things in your life, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love life, and good morning starshine…