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The sun sets on another day...

It has been an odd week. I now have several posts that will not be posts for a while, if ever. Whimsical journeys that either do not go where I intended, or that are not as positive as I want them to be. For those of you who have been around for a while, I sometimes post these on New Years and show some of the places I have gone, the paths I have taken. They are sometimes interesting posts, and sometimes I get high praise, and sometimes I get questions about what I was thinking and where I was going. (and some are just ignored)

Each day as I write, I spend the first portion of my time writing my 29000sunsets post. Then I switch to other writing. For example, last night I wrote a Halloween story that was PG, then worked on "Fateful Friend" for a while. There are sometimes large differences in the things I write, and the path I take in writing is based on the people, places, and memories I consider during the day.

So I speak of paths, and today I considered paths a great deal. Paths are those things that take us where we want to go. There can be very clear paths that take us to a positive place, and those that are not so positive.

So what is your path, is it clear and happy, or not so happy?

I am going to suggest you put some things in front of you that will help you to find positive paths. these are:

  • Good friends - Friends can help you stay your course along the way, they also can make days better and better. A great friend can open a doorway to another world.
  • Peaceful moments - Take a second or two each day and just slow down, the world is going so fast, you don't have to keep up with it. Pull off, slow down, watch a sunset or just take a few deep breaths.
  • Good hobbies - When your hobby becomes work it just isn't fun anymore. Find a fun hobby that makes you smile.
  • Family - Yes, family can keep you centered.
  • Passion - Passion is more than love or anything of the sort, it is a barely controllable emotion. Let go sometimes and let that passion take over. Passion will find a way. (With what? Yes) (Figure that one out)

No matter what, keep your path and make it the best path ever. I know it will be good because you are the best thing that you have ever found. Believe in yourself and make today the best day ever. When tomorrow comes, well, work on it too!

So as the sun sets on another day, there are many paths before you and you can choose to be on the best path for you. Choose well, ask for help if you need it, but find your way to a happy day today, tomorrow, and for as long as you live, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, live well, and find a good path...



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The sun sets on another day...

A short pause in the eve just to take a picture, and what was there was almost breathtaking, well, perhaps it was breathtaking, I just held on tightly for a moment and watched it pass.

My father always told me that he could not be sure he could give me things. He could never promise money, nor any physical thing, but he did say I would always have a safe haven with him. Someplace safe I could go, and not have to worry about all the walls that close in on us daily. I never took him up on that and now he is gone. I am the one now that offers this safety to my children.

As I watched tonight's sunset I thought of that beacon of hope and safety and wondered if it still existed in the world. So many people need a safe haven, and it seems so many are searching for it. As I pay attention to people the clouds over their heads seem to be growing, the fire and fury, overwhelming, but they need to remember there is somewhere safe if they only look for it. I decided it truly is there, and we see it all the time, we just have to pay attention.

So I am asking you now to take a moment, take a deep breath, and think about where your safe place is? Is it where you are or where you need to be? Is it on a boat, or with a friend or nestled in the fold of someones shoulder. Is it important where OR is it important who?

Think about it, and remember that safety.

So as the sun sets on another day, we all need to be safe sometimes. It is up to us to take the steps to be safe, it is up to us to find our way to happiness, in the end, everything is up to us. We have the ability to shape who we are but we should always remember where we are safe, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love life, and be safe...

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The sun sets on another day...

The sunset was awe inspiring, but there was a different shot I took for us, perhaps it is just a wave, one of many. To me it was a special wave, lit by the sunset having a power of its own.

There is a certain peace to watching the waves go by each day. Not watching it all, but watching the waves. Each wave is individual and unique, and each passing wave giving way to a new wave, soon to come. Some waves are strong and powerful, and some disappear before getting to shore. All part of some random pattern. This random pattern has hidden beauty if you only take a moment and look for it. It is there, hidden as a potential in every wave. All you have to do is focus, watch for that wave, and enjoy it.

Sometimes we get so caught up in looking at a whole scene that we tend to miss those beautiful waves coming at us. Let's be straight, the world can be overwhelming and chaotic sometimes. Wave after wave of information can cascade around us and it is hard to know where to look, where to act, and what to think. Each day is filled with more and more, and it is difficult to juggle all of the things that come at us, so occasionally, we don't. All I suggest is take a moment, and stop.

I know I now, I am sure someone out there is throwing a fit right now saying something about skipping responsibilities, or not planning, or a dozen other "buts". I also know that even getting through a single day is sometimes more than difficult. Sometimes we just have to take a step back, watch the waves, and enjoy the moments we can. Those are the moments we can use to build a better day. It isn't that tough. If we take a moment and look, there is beauty in the chaos, a special moment, a special place, or a special person will show us that beauty. After all, there is a certain peace to watching life go by. Now all you have to do is jump in and pick a wave and ride it. I kinda like the idea of riding a  wave fueled by the suns fire. Sounds like a book huh?

So as the sun sets on another day, wow, there IS a lot going on in our world, but take a moment, slow down, find a little slice of peace for a moment. Maybe you can focus, watch for that one good wave, and enjoy it. Maybe just maybe, you will find that fiery wave to ride into a new place and hold on to the peace every moment, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love life, and ride that wave...




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The sun sets on another day...

Well, the sunset was amazing, awesome, and I did not dress properly for it. As such I am currently trying to warm up, and hopefully I will do a good job at it!

I have written quite a bit about stories, because I enjoy writing them, telling them, and enjoy the people around me always. I have known many people that are just stories, and many people that are more than any story could be. There are also places that are stories, and some places are more than any story could describe. There of course are also many things that are story worthy, and some that cannot be described or be done justice by a simple story.

To me it has always been interesting that the people who could not easily be described in a story are those that are concerned about stories being written about them. By the same token, those that are wanting their story told are many times not story worthy. This makes finding a way to describe these people who are complex a challenge. It may be something about their demeanor, they own a room, or exude pure innocence, or power, or a dozen other things, but it is hard to describe.

Places are more fun, a sunset is a challenge because color is an abstract. Tonight the sky was filled with shades of red and gold, it shimmered like a fiery fountain and set the clouds aglow with its radiance. A story can be hard.

There are a lot of places that are hard to describe as well. The sorrow of some countries I have visited is palpable, but describing it to people here in the states is nearly impossible, they have no point of reference and would not believe how bad some places are  up close. 

Then of course there are things, concepts, ideas, objects and other items that are fun to explain, and even more fun to talk about. Like the sunset for instance, sheer fun if you think about it. Make it harder and describe a lake so large the waves pound the surf, or a wind so fast it rips the very soul from your body.

It gets even more complicated when I am writing about my dreams, or imagination, because then there truly is no point of reference.

So who cares, right?

Well, as I write my Halloween PG Story I considered all the people and places and things I knew, and in the process built characters based on feelings, ideas, mannerisms and more from many people. As I did so I thought about all the wonderful people I have met over the years, and the amazing places I have visited, and all the great things I have seen and done, and it was good! So if you are one of them, thank you, and thank you for being part of my inspiration every day. I appreciate you and who you are, no matter what.

So as the sun sets on another day, this post may not make a lot of sense, but I hope you take a second and explore with me as my words try to describe interesting things sometimes, and fun places, and even more fun people. Smile with me, laugh with me, and even cry with me, but enjoy your day as only you can. Oh, and laugh a little along the way if you see a little of you in a post, but it could be someone else, or even something in my imagination.

Sleep sweet, smile, and love to the moon and back...