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The sun sets on another day...

Today was crisp and sunny and fun and amazing and a little tiresome driving back home from visiting my daughter. Along the way I experienced a variety of emotions and along the way smiled all I could. (Yes, I probably looked goofy every time I smiled)

I was so very proud of my daughters this weekend. I had not seen them in too long and spending time with them is always a positive. No matter what the situation they are a light in my life daily. For both I felt a little extra bit of awesome as they had crushed personal goals and worked them not only forward, but redefined who they were.

Now, family always tries to set goals for us. People do as well, and spouses, and work associated, and bosses, and underlings and the list goes on. In the end no matter who sets your goals, you are the only one who sets your goals. Let me say that again, no matter who sets your goals, you are the only one that sets your goals.

We see it all the time. A weight loss challenge at new years lasts a few weeks or a month, then fades away. A contest sets up some goals, but then is rapidly undone. I know all of us could come up with a handful to a bushel of goals that were missed because they were not heartfelt. All too often the unsaid and undone goals fade away and sometimes we too lose track of them. 

What I saw this weekend was a young woman who reset her goals and made them a reality. It did not matter how many times I or her brothers and sisters stated them, when she decided it was time. It was real.

So as the sun sets on another day, set goals, be realistic, but when you do, make those goals yours so they are not just a momentary push but instead a change of your life. Make every day a part of that series of goals, and in the process you too can crush your goals, or at least I believe you can, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love life, and make realities...



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The sun sets on another day...

Beauty is all around us. I have found though that it is mostly within rather than without when it comes to people. As the sun sets today, think for a second all that it is instead of just what you see. Billions of reactions, flares of light far beyond what we can see, steams being filtered through millions of layers of just about everything, and a little pollution in the air, just to spice it up. Beauty in the heart of chaos.

 So far this is a good weekend. I am with my daughters and I am impressed. I am impressed because both have drive and ambition that is simply overwhelming. I know I know, I do really hard to keep my personal life off the online world. (Say that a few times quickly) Today I want everyone to know, if you set a goal, you can reach it. If you work towards that goal, you can achieve it. It is achieving those goals, inside, outside, upside down, that make you beautiful. It is making you that makes the world better.


Well, the world is made up of so many things, and guess what, you are one of those things. The better you are, the better the world becomes, and of course vice versa. So make yourself the best you can be, and in the process you are making the world better.

So as the sun sets on another day, take a moment, assess who you are, and if you like it, super, but if you want change, be the catalyst for change, and make it better, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love family, and live for every day...

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The sun sets on another day...

Tonight the sunset was blurred as I raced across the state to a new destination. 

As I drove tonight I watched the white lines come and go. White lines give us guidance on the road of where we should be, but it is a suggestion more than a rule. Yellow lines, not so much.

As I drove today there was a mass of cars blocking the road and a car behind me flashing his lights over and over. Inches away, he or she was less than patient and after a few moments he slid over the yellow lines, into the medians, and passed everyone. It was bold, it was outside the norm, it was probably not that good of an idea, but it worked. He passed the slow leaders, and sped on his way.

How many times do we follow the rules and get held back? The rules sometimes keep us from finding our center, and sometimes they hold us back. Now I am not saying breaking the rules is always right but it is sometimes necessary.

There was an old movie called the golden child. A seeker was given a quest to follow a path without spilling water. The path was over logs suspended in air and there was a bridge in the center. The path was marked but at one point the hero got off the path, and the path exploded. He said "I thought you said follow the path" the answer came back as the hero should know when not to follow the path.

We have a lot of options in the world. What is right and wrong are sometimes blurred as we determine who we are, who we should be, and the way for our life to be complete. Consider well your path, and make the right decisions for you and others as a conscious thought.

So as the sun sets on another day, watch the Golden Child, it is worth it. Have some fun, laugh hard, and in the end, find the right path and know when to follow it, no matter what. 

Sleep sweet, love life, and enjoy it...

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The sun sets on another day...

Although I did not get a picture, the sunset was very beautiful this evening. Crimson shades shattered the sky while the clouds could not resist the overwhelming power of the sun. I had to smile for a moment as I watched the sun slowly set in the west and light up my sky and my heart.

I was thinking today about all of the hats we wear in life. There are quite a few. Some of us wear the hat of a parent, some of us wear the hat of an employee, some of us wear the hat of a manager, and some of us wear hats that are far more complex.

The reason I was thinking about these was I was willed several family real hats and I looked for a short time today upon my great-great-grandfather's favorite hat. I know some things about my great-great-grandfather but there are many things I do not know. I know that he was a good man and immigrated to this country. I know he worked hard each and every day. Since I was small I mostly remember his hands. He died while I was fairly young but I remember how strong his hands were and how much patient goodness radiated around him.

I also remember him wearing the hat that I now have on Sundays. Although it is far too small for my giant head it is a nice hat and it shows the where of his good life. It sits in a special place in my rooms, and reminds me of some of who I am.

So What hat do you wear? Is it the hat of a good person? Is it the hat of a bad person? Is it something much more? Is it something out of years of struggle or years of positive experiences?

I would like to think that the hats we create are something that we can wear proudly throughout our lives. Why not take a second and make sure your hat is on right and make sure it is the hat that you want to wear. 

So as the sun sets on another day this hat you wear was forged by all that you are and all you have been. (Symbolically) I hope it is a good hat. I hope it shows a great person! Mostly I hope you have a fantastic evening, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love life, and smile a little...