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The sun sets on another day...

The story of Scylla and Charybdis has spun many modern sayings. things like: Between the devil and the deep blue sea, between a rock and a hard place, and others were born of this legend of a pair of monsters guarding a narrow straight of sea. We use these phrases to express a feeling there is no win possible, or that we have few choices towards a win.

Funny isn't it? How your mind can play tricks with you and beat you down. There is always hope, always a new possibility, always a way if you only take the moments and look for it.

I think the secret is to know what you are looking for and have a realization that sometimes you get the success you need, and not necessarily what you want. It may sound like an old song, but often we are given just what is right, or what is right is right there, while what we want is just out of reach, and maybe it is better that way.

My point tonight is two fold. Don't ever feel like you are stuck between a rock and a hard place, find the way forward instead and pay attention to what you experience, it may be better than what you wanted anyway. I know it is not logical, but it is often true.

So as the sun sets on another day, the real Charybdis wasn't a monster, it was a whirlpool. The real Scylla, a rock. Pay attention to your rocks and your hard places. They are not monsters, they are challenges to be conquered. Find a way forward and make today the best day it can be, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love life, and boooo...




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The sun sets on another day..

As the days get longer I soon will have time to make it to sunset again, I have missed it and long for the shimmering sky before me.

Imagine with me for a moment. Before you is a perfect picture or peace, and on the opposite side, and perfect picture of passion. Which do you choose?

I ask this question because it hides the different question inside. Can passion be peaceful?

I ask this with slight reservation as I have an opinion, it is passion is not peaceful though peace can be built out of it. to me passion is near uncontrollable and as such can be the most awe inspiring creative force in the universe. Out of it can be built a series of outcomes, from the simple, to the complicated. Poetry is created, books are written, and a thousand thousand creations are born out of passion. So is the essence of love, the huge foundations that create a link between people that is difficult to break. Passion can also create havoc and mayhem as it feeds the baser emotions, and can make the world far darker if it is allowed to go unchecked.

I write about passion a lot. The characters in my books are driven by passion and that passion goes from the main characters to the sub characters. Passion is a motivator, for both good and evil, and sometimes passion is lost in the miasma that seems to cover so many. I have several short stories I have written that were born of passion and it is in that passion that themes of a book live and die. It is with passion in mind that I walk into each day, and it is my passion that guides me further.

Passion does not know good or bad, and it makes life more complicated sometimes.Passion can make for good decisions or not so good decisions, and in the end, the outcome can be positive or negative.

Why does it matter?

There is a science fiction movie that speaks of passion being removed from a planet. When it happens, people just die. They don't care about doing anything, including eating, and eventually they are no more. It is surmised that our intellect gives us the advantage over animals, but I think it is more than that, I think our passion drives us to be more, and our passion makes us into a powerful force for the world.

So as the sun sets on another day, what is your passion? What pushes you further? There are so many possibilities. Know that it makes you who you are and guides you to where you will be. Be the person that holds on to the good side of passion, that tries to make others happy, that feels deeply, and finds a way to make passion into reality. Be that person that makes a difference, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love life, and be passionate about it...


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The sun sets on another day...

Welcome to Christmas.

It is a day debated by many, understood by many children and many adults, with different meanings depending on who you are in your life.

I cannot tell you what Christmas means to you, I can tell you some of the things it has meant to me.

  • A happy day with my father under the tree playing with Treble-O-Lectric trains when I was 3
  • Meeting my little sister for the first time
  • Singing songs at Christmas by the piano
  • The feeling of wonder looking at my Grandmothers tree
  • High school and many of the people there
  • My first job
  • A watch I bought after my first year working
  • College
  • My first house
  • My daughter's, then my son's, then my daughter's first Christmases
  • Trim a tree at my dad's
  • A special ornament with a story inside
  • More children at Christmas
  • Special moments

And  much much more.

I cannot begin to explain all that has meant to much to me, both when I was young, and as I am now. (You know, old) My memories were super, and sometimes it is something little that makes them even more super. A special person, a special time, shopping for someone else, or just having fun in general can be the source of an endless series of happy memories. There is nothing more amazing that a happy memory, and nothing more fulfilling than the feeling of sharing those memories with someone. I can say with certainty that Christmas is a time when you will feel more, because it is a time when more has come our way, good and bad.

There are of course the bad memories of Christmas as well, being alone at this time of year can weigh on you, and feeling deeply can be a difficult thing, but I found a way each day to push past and hold on to the good in my life, even when it was hard, or harder. One thing I have found, if the best and worst things were not about things, but about people, and the feelings associated were far more intense than a simple gift. My more awesome gifts have been those that have been well thought out, cameras, or books, or a special knife may not seem like much, but when it is something I can make, or I can build, or take, it adds a touch that cannot be held. The Christmas cards too, they make me smile when I read them now, and as I do, I feel good about today even more.

So as the sun sets on another day Santa should not be the only one making lists. Make a list, check it twice, decide what makes you feel most nice, and make each day as special as can be. (I would say no matter what, but you already know that)

Sleep sweet, love life, and Merry Christmas...



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The sun sets on another day...

Stunning. It is all that can be said. Simply stunning.

Twas the night before Christmas

and I took a look

I wanted adventure

I wanted a book

I knew Santa's coming was soon and was now

but I wanted to read more, and read it aloud

So I picked up a book and I quickly kept reading

and speaking each word as my mind it was feeding

I read for a time and it turned into hours

I felt lots of things but mostly empowered

I heard silent footsteps they came from the den

so I quickly went forward and then walked right in

There stood a vision dressed all in red

He smiled at my bookshelves and nodded his head

I smiled at my luck to see such a man

and quickly with purpose I reached out my hand

but in the instant it took he was straight up the chimney

and I was unsure of my eyes for what I did see

but as I looked to the tree that sat in the corner 

I saw dozens of books stacked all in order

I smiled at the gift that meant so much to me

that I knew that adventure was what I would see

and as I bent forward I heard all the words

On Dasher and Dancer and so many more

I was happy I saw him and hope I saw more

No net nor no TV was needed for my night

For Santa had made everything right

I sat down to read and smiled once again

because Christmas is imagination and mine will not end.

So as the sun sets on another day, I hope all of you have a super Christmas eve and an even better Christmas morning.

Sleep sweet, love life, and live it each and every day...