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The sun sets on another day ...

Sunset was full of clouds and this little fluffy thing called snow. I feel like I have been shoveling for quite some time and driving my poor little tractor to the brink of brinkdom.

As I sat watching the snowfall, I thought about the marvelous knowledge that all of the snowflakes were different. It might be weird but then I thought about how unique everything was if you looked at it the right way. Then I remembered some experiments that we had done in high school and college revolving around solutions. Solutions were fun most of the time just because as you experimented with them you realized there was a lot going on beneath the surface. Well beneath the surface of the liquid.

There's always something unique in everything we do, but if we think about it there's always something else mixed in. I get a kick out of that too . Do you know I might get a kick out of just about everything if I sat down and thought about it simply because everything is so awesome. Still the idea that everything is a solution of some sort, meaning a bunch of stuff blended together with water, is pretty cool. As I sat thinking about the snow it made me feel good to go down this path.

So as the sun sets on another day, nothing is as black and white as you think. Except maybe snow and road dirt. everything else is some type of solution, well maybe. just take your time and realize black and white isn't is cool as 1000 Shades of Grey.

Sleep sweet, love life, and have a super eve…