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The sun sets on another day...

I find myself considering a lot about people all of the time. On this rather gloomy day I watched the snowflakes fall across the yard and smiled about it all. Later, when talking to my sister, I considered even more about all of the things that make people special. I think this is important as people are at the core of all we do . Even if you were a hermit or some type of over the top introvert people make a difference in your life and there are some people that you have to count on .

An important question to ask is what makes people special to you. It may not be something huge and it may not be something minuscule instead it is most likely something in between. Sure sometimes it's something very small that you can't put your finger on but still you know inside what makes others special to you.

Just as important is what makes you special to others. What is that value proposition that makes people come to you and want to be around you. Is it something permanent that will always be there or something transient that will disappear at a moment's notice and leave you wondering what happened? These are questions you should ask yourself so that you can affectively understand how things work for you. You may have considered this over and over but in reality there is something special about each of us and someone special that will be there for each of us when we need them. Consider your specialty and what's important for you to find if you haven't discovered it already.

So as the sun sets on another day I hope you find your specialty and realize how special you are. I know some of you that read these posts but there are far too many for me to say I know them all . Take a moment and take a deep breath and realize how special you are daily because I know even without knowing you or meeting you that you truly are, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love life, and be special...