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The sun sets on another day...

Tonight I watched the sunset from a deck high above the beach and thought about all the wonderful moments I have had in my life. The list is long, but shared sunsets are amazing always as there is a little bit of magic in them. I hope you have had the opportunity to be in a position where you can watch the sunset with someone and feel the sun across your face as the breeze slowly cools the warm day air into cool night air. The sky become a magical playground of color and no man made light show can compare to the subtle shades that play across the horizon. 

I could continue, and say the sunset makes things pretty terrific. I could continue, and say that the colors light up our lives. I could continue, and say there is no substitute for those moments at the edge of night. In reality, there is no substitute for the people in your life. Whether it be friend or love there is nothing like sharing a moment with someone. At a park, near a stream, near a city, in the country, near a lake, well, anywhere, a sunset is a place not defined by the sunset but by our feelings inside. Sounds corny, but it is true. A person can enjoy a sunset, but people can make an amazing memory.

So as the sun sets on another day. I hope you have someone special that makes you life better. I hope you find happiness each and every day, and I hope you can share the sunset with someone special. If you can't, I hope you enjoy the sunset and love every moment of every day. Share a moment or two, but enjoy the sunset and all it has to offer, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love to the moon and back, and the stars beyond...